Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey

1. A Community Assessment (Part 1)

Select two communities of contrasting socioeconomic standing.

Conduct a windshield survey of each community (if unable to drive through community, research information from reputable websites, i.e. CDC, city hall websites, local city resources etc.)

Explore eight subsystems of each community

o The eight subsystems are:

physical (i.e. structures and their conditions, street conditions)

environment (i.e. well maintained?)


safety and transportation

politics and government

health and social services (i.e. type of restaurants, markets, resources, obesity?)


economics and recreation.

First explore own perceptions and observations

Explore community perceptions and experiences

2. Project (Part 2)

Identify each communitys core (history, values, characteristics and beliefs). Based on your results, select a health topic

o Assess and document strengths or assets

o Assess and document limitations

o Develop a teaching plan in terms understandable to target population for selected health topic

May be a brochure, an outline or short PowerPoint

Include specific recommendations regarding the subsystems that should be strengthened to improve the health status of the stakeholders of each community.

3. Conclusion of Project

Compare and contrast communities; share any new or surprise findings.

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