Any topic (writer’s choice)

This assignment has two parts.  Ill assign credit for each part.

* First, please write and post 2 rough draft paragraphs for your Essay #3 by Wednesday, April 21st (by 11:59pm). 

* Then, by Friday, April 23rd (by 11:59pm) please write and post peer review feedback to one of your fellow students rough draft paragraphs.  In this reader response, address the following:

    A) what are two things that you think is working well in these draft paragraphs?

    B) what is one part that you would like to hear more discussion about? (That is, what is one thing that you think should be explained


    C) what is at least one suggestion (large or small) that you would make for revision?

Be sure your feedback is at least 200 words long. 

Note: if possible, please make an effort to respond to posted paragraphs that do not already have responses to them. 

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