The Use of Drones for Military Spying

The Thesis Statement in the Introduction Paragraph must clearly state the topic area chosen and 3 main informational points presented in the paper, in your own words.  There are 3 body paragraphs, and each will focus on one informative point and the about that points.  Choose informative points that make the topic clear, interesting, and important.  The concluding paragraph must restate and sum up the information presented on drones.


Introduction Paragraph (1)
-Formally introduce the area of drone research chosen.
-Present key background information in that area, not drones in general.
-Providing relevant examples (ie: who, what, when, where, how).
-Present the thesis statement naming the topic and the 3 main informative points.
-Do not include I in the Introduction. Do not say the paper will discuss.

Body Paragraphs (3 of them)
-Each body paragraph centers on one informative point from research.
-Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence in your own words.
-Explain the informative point, in your own words, and provide examples.
-Add one direct quote, with an intext citation, to support the point. 
-End each body paragraph by explaining the significance of the quote.

Conclusion Paragraph (1)
-Begin Conclusion paragraph restating most important information from research.
-Clearly restate the key information to remember from each body paragraph.
-Lastly, end by concluding, in your own words, the significance of the information on drones.

-5 paragraph paper
-APA format
-3 direct quotes, 1 per body paragraph, with complete APA in-text citations.
-Minimum 2 sources: 1 Library database and 1 credible website.
-References page: minimum of 2 APA Reference citations, 1 for each source.

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