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The fourth case is about an automobile manufacturer who is trying to find a high-quality chip supplier in order not to stop manufacturing due to the global chip shortage in Spring-Summer 2021. For some Turkish and English news about this global chip shortage you can check the following links or google it yourself to read about it from other sites of your choice:

Our automobile manufacturer, while trying to find a new high-quality supplier, has formed three task forces:
Task force 1: Responsible for designing the acceptance sampling process and finalizing the sampling plan that will be used by the receiving department to accept or reject each day’s lot of chips from the selected new supplier.
Task force 2: Responsible for assessing the process capability of two new supplier candidates and selecting one.
Task force 3: Responsible for conducting statistical process control at the selected supplier’s plant to ensure the chips received from them conform to the specifications by ensuring the process is under control.
The case and case questions and accompanying Excel file are posted.

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