Teamwork and Organizational Customer

Effective patient care, safety, and experience is dependent upon the work and effort of numerous healthcare departments and workers including but not limited to medical practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, medical laboratory technicians, coding and billing specialists, and medical administrative assistants. Proper communication, respect, and teamwork is necessary for a clinic to operate efficiently and effectively.

Please read the following patient scenario:

You witnessed a coworkers (Michael – who works in your department) interaction with another coworker, Flora, who works in a different department. Michael was very rude, disrespectful, and mad because he was arguing that Flora didnt communicate important patient information to your department and caused a patient to have an extended wait time. Flora was obviously disturbed and hurt by this interaction and you know it wasnt her fault, but rather Michaels.

Please discuss the following concepts in 1-2 pages:

Identify and briefly describe two issues or concepts associated with the breakdown of teamwork in this scenario.
How would you use internal customer service skills, tools, and techniques to resolve this issue?
How can good and poor internal customer service affect patient experience and outcomes?