Personal Innovation Assessment Paper

Personal Innovation Assessment Paper
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of innovation by applying the concepts from class to your personal and professional life. It should explain how you could be more innovative or help your organization with becoming more innovative. See uploaded chapters from book (main source).  You should use the main source and 2 additional sources.  It should be done APA format citation style. The paper should include the following sections:
An introduction.
Assessment of your strengths and weaknesses related to innovation and leadership, risk-taking, creativity, and flexibility as it relates to you and your practice of innovation,
Define/describe any problems or processes in your personal or professional life related to innovation,
apply concepts from the text to improve the process or solve the problems/processes discussed above,
your personal innovation plan (how do you intend to strengthen and improve your capabilities as a leader), and
the conclusion.
The paper should be 1,000 to 1,250 words and follow APA formatting, which includes double-spacing, one-inch margins, and 12 point font.
Your grade for the paper will be determined based on inclusion of the required elements, proper spelling and grammar, and general organization.