Patton’s Ghost Army

Conduct a critique of a Denial and Deception effort of your choice. This critique will be your final Assignment. Set the stage of the situation and identify: the major players; their interests and objectives; the reason for deciding upon Denial and Deception; the objectives of the effort; the mechanics of the effort; their effects on the situation; and their effects on the overall situation. Finally , make a judgement on whether the effort was a success, or a failure, and why. The critique, your evaluation of the operation, MUST form the premise/thesis of this paper.
Format: You should format your paper using the ENDNOTES standards provided by the Chicago writing manual (i.e. 1-inch margins on all 4 sides, double spaced, without an extra space between paragraphs or subheadings, 12-point font). It is highly recommended that you pick up a copy of the latest Chicago manual as it is used across INTL courses.
DO NOT USE QUOTES unless absolutely necessary and do not “creatively” cut and paste from other sources. Your paper should be your own work–the product of your own thinking and consideration. Provide facts and examples and cite them properly.
You should have a standard title page that includes the title of your paper, your name, course, and date. In the syllabus it was noted that you use be using the Chicago author-date referencing style, this means that you should also have a coordinating references list at the end of your critique.
Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length and utilize a minimum of 10 sources, 8 of which must be from peer-reviewed journals.

The topic for this critique is General Patton’s Ghost Army and their effectiveness towards the success of D-Day. Research your own sources using Google Scholar.