How and why was the campaign against slavery linked to the campaign for womens rights?

Writing style: Use scholarly language. Do not use contractions (didnt, wasnt etc.). Do not use overly informal language (when Lincoln was shot, he was all, like not cool, bro!) Do, however, try to write in your own voice.Scholarly style: Use a recognized scholarly style. Chicago style is often used in history,but I do not insist on it, as it is difficult to use. American Psychological Association (APA)and Modern Languages Association (MLA) are commonly used, and these are Ok to usein your paper. Style guides can be accesses on the Online Writers Lab (OWL) website. Delta College Library also has useful resources.Citations: Use footnotes (or in-text citations check the style guide for which to use) fordirect quotation, statistics, reference to a source even when it is not quoted directly, reference to particular historians opinions. You do not need to use them for generally-known historical facts; e.g. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 doesnt need a footnote; Many historians believe Reconstruction would have worked out differently had Lincoln not been assassinated does, as your reader needs to know these many historians are.Bibliography and sources: Include a bibliography (this is the same as a works cited page), listing all sources you use. Please use at least three sources other than the course book (you can use the course book as a source, but make sure you have at leastthree others). At least three sources must be printed (book, article print articles youve accessed in electronic form online are fine). The sources do not need to be the same as the ones you included on your annotated bibliography its OK to change your mind! You do not need to include the annotations in your bibliography. Do not use Wikipedia as a source, although if treated with caution it is Ok as a jumping off point to lead you to better sources!

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