discussion 5

From what you were able to glean from the reading and films, what are some of the specific (maybe “proven”) benefits of medical marijuana?

Have you personally experienced or has someone in your family (or among your friends) experienced relief from hash oil or some cannabis tincture? Do you know of someone using THCa or CBD for seizures or pain? How well does it work for them?

Your reading and films discuss many of the medical benefits of the plant and what is going on in the laboratories now that many restrictions have been removed from research samples.

In two substantial paragraphs, please share your experience and knowledge, or what you found most interesting in what you saw in the videos or read in the articles, listing and detailing at least two benefits of medical marijuana.

Use and cite at least two films and two articles.

This Discussion will be open from Sunday, May 15 to May 21, 2022.

Please follow the guidelines in Module 09.2 — The Discussion Posts.

*****you do not have to “believe” in any of the “cures” or recipes you may find on these pages. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to make a strong assessment, based on evidence, about a controversial topic. The challenge is to gather enough evidence to support whatever point you want to make and to organize it so your argument flows. If you get stuck or you feel uncomfortable about the topic, please contact me.*****