Be the Match

All papers must use a minimum of 3 references. Two of these references must be academic references such as academic journals or books. A personal interview with one of the community partner staff or someone working in the field can substitute for one of the academic references. A third reference can be the agency website or information from other relevant websites, such as the United Ways Community Needs Assessment.
Use 12 point font and double space your papers.
Community Service Learning Research Paper Instructions
Using the weblink Be the Match Advocate (Links to an external site.), visit the agencys website.

Introduction and Overview to the Problem (Blood Cancers, etc.) This person should research and write a 4-6 page that provides an introduction and overview to what blood cancers are, the extent of the problem, populations affected, and how organizations such as Be the Match address the problem.
Problems faced by Underserved Groups: persons who are part of groups that are underserved or unable to find a match are the focus of this section. Focus on diversity, ethnic and racial diversity. What are the implications of leaving this problem unaddressed?
Current treatments and obstacles to these treatments. What are the current treatments? What are the obstacles to accessing treatment? Remember this is not a science paper but rather should provide an explanation for anyone who is not familiar with blood cancers.
Treatment Funding: Current issues with payment should be covered in this section. See the website and information on Medicare payment for example.
Advocacy and Awareness: What kinds of advocacy are needed to help address this problem and ways people can get involved. What types of advocacy could you or other members of the community commit to doing to address this issue? How can civic engagement be a part of this?
Innovative or Potential Solutions: What are potential solutions that can make treatment more equitable? How would these solutions impact the problem?
4 pages excluding title and references

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