Worksheet #4 External stakeholders

Place refer to the class material show in the PPT and video, Thank You

There are different strategies that NGOs use to influence business and government. These two videos illustrate different approaches to environmental activism taken by Greenpeace – one in 2011, the other ten years later.

1. How effective was the campaign against Mattel? Why do you think it did or did not achieve its goals?

2. How effective do you think the plastics campaign of 2021 is? What could Greenpeace do to have a greater impact on plastics reduction?

3.  If you were advising an NGO working on the issue of gender and racial diversity on corporate boards, what approach would you recommend?

This may seem obvious, but let me say it anyway. In order to answer the question of whether an NGO campaign was effective in achieving its objective, you need first to figure out what the objective was. For each part of the homework assignment, try to clearly identify what you think the goal was/is and then your assessment of how well it was met.In answering the questions in HW4, please don’t just say a campaign was effective or not effective without some evidence to support your statement. This is another chance to demonstrate that you know the difference between an opinion and a fact.

For the last question, what I’m looking for is your assessment of different strategies NGOs use in relation to corporations, including confrontation, collaboration, litigation, partnerships, public education, etc. I hope today’s guest speaker helped you understand some of the options. I want to know what you think would be the most effective approach, and why you think that.  Show me that you understand these different approaches. And of course, let me know if you have questions.

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