What Makes a Good Story

In this unit, we have read a few short stories, essays, and some poetry. We have read these works with a critical eye noting the components of a good story. Some have stated that a good story must have a clear timeline and a single character that grows over time. Others have suggested that readers must be able to connect to the character, and this connection is accomplished by having an emotional connection to that character. Some scholars have argued that literature must instruct and delight, meaning teach and entertain. You have annotated the readings and written short responses on Canvas to formulate your own ideas on the topic. And you have drafted your ideas to compose an organized essay.

Scholarship Jacket
Red Palm
The Circuit
“The State”
“Better Homes and Gardens”
Now that you have discussed the makings of a good story, where do you stand? Do you agree that literature should instruct and delight? Select one of the stories that we have read in class to support your definition of a good story.

Minimum Requirements:
The essay attempts to present your opinion clearly in one or two sentences that answers the prompt.
The essay attempts to build from an introduction to supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion
The essay supports your opinion with examples from your own life and/or observations of the world
Proofread, making sure that grammar errors dont interfere with readability and comprehension
Write a final draft of 3-5 pages in length, follow the standard MLA formatting guidelines
An A paper will meet all the minimum requirements AND

The essay presents your opinions that go beyond stating the obvious or summarizing class discussion
The essay uses multiple pieces of evidence from the assigned readings
The essay clearly guides readers through your thought process with topic sentences and transitional phrases
Present your opinions in a formal academic style (utilizing subordinating and coordinating conjunctions that read smoothly and connect ideas clearly)
I have upload the links and 2 website. you can chose one of five to write about. if you have any question please let me know