What does blindsight imply about consciousness

Carefully set out the various positions and objections that are associated with your thesis.  Give short quotations to support your claims about the positions and arguments you are discussing.  Avoid long quotations (i.e. >4 lines).  Critically assess the arguments that are given.  Draw attention to points that seem controversial, or just hard to understand.  On the basis of the evidence for the different alternatives, make a compelling case for the answer you prefer (you may or may not agree with the authors you discuss). 

what does blindsight imply about consciousness? (Readings: Gulzedere, Flanagan, and Hardcastle The Nature and Function of Consciousness: Lessons from Blindsight, Ramachandran Zombies in the Visual System.  Kentridge and Heywood The status of blindsight. Journal of consciousness studies 3-11. Holt Journal of consciousness studies Blindsight in debates about consciousness.)

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