1.5 Weekly Reflection
Post a 275 word summary statement to the class discussion. Include new insights, thoughtful information, and application to personal leadership of the material covered this week in the assigned reading, lectures, other resources, discussion questions, and learner responses. Your summary must also include critical reflection and reflection (analysis) and integration to the context of life, leadership, and your personal leadership development. Include at least one example from your journal that relates to the learning for the week and structure your response around five major questions:

What is the most significant thing I learned this week?
How did what I learn change my thinking about this week’s topic?
How will I use (or have I used) this knowledge in my life?
What previous experiences relate to what I read and learned?
(Optional) What questions do I still have about what I learned this week?

To score well, the reflection must make reference to the assigned reading (including parenthetical references), will include suggested real-world manifestations of the course material, and will include a plan for implementing the material in the student’s personal and/or professional setting.

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