This week, you may choose between two writing assignments explained below.
Based on the documentary film about Andy Goldsworthy Rivers and Tides directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, write a minimum 750 word paper explaining how art and the use of his imagination seem to function in Andy Goldsworthys life. Several of your readings for this week also discuss the creative process. Use those readings to help you formulate ideas for this paper. Discuss specifically how art has functioned or might function in your own life.
Think about your readings for this week and construct an argument that you could present to a school board or college that explains why the creation of art, music, dance, sporting activity and literature should or should not be made a fundamental part of every school’s pre-K to 12th grade curriculum. Feel free to search the Internet for additional sources (statistics, academic articles, news articles) that might help you support your views. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For this week, you are required to run your paper through Correct English. In order to receive full points for this assignment, you must take a screen shot of the final results provided in Correct English. You will be marked down if you do not submit the screen shot showing you used Correct English.
APA formatting is required (see template in Course Information). In addition, see the rubric in Course Information for scoring. Save your paper as a doc with your name and the assignment name in the file, using Last Name_Assignment.  So, if your name were Alicia Jackson, and this is Function of Art, you would title it Jackson_Function of Art.  Upload your paper by clicking the “WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT – FUNCTION OF ART” link above.

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