Unit 5 Discussion

Sound advertising practices include the CAN elements of connectedness, appropriateness and novelty that are important for a creative advertisement. This means that the audience can relate to the advertisement on some level; the ad provides appropriate information for the consumers needs and all MARCOM communications are delivering the same consistent message; and the ad is fresh and unexpected. However, the advertisement novelty should not overwhelm the message. You have all seen advertisements which were very novel or creative, but when they were finished, you could not remember the product or service they were attempting to sell. But beyond these CAN elements is the notion of stickiness and the six factors that determine whether an ad is sticky will be remembered by the audience and will actually change their opinions or behavior. Additionally, advertisements have a purpose. The advertiser is trying to remind the consumer about a product or service, inform the consumer of a product or service, or persuade the consumer to buy the product or service, try it, or get more information about it. All of these concepts make up sound advertising practices in MARCOM.

Topic: Ads that Stick and More

Using the six stickiness factors on pages 204205:

Discuss an advertisement that you have seen on the Internet or on television and how it meets or does not meet these sticky ad requirements. Provide the name of the advertiser/product.
Summarize the ad and discuss what the advertiser is trying to accomplish with the ad. Is the focus to remind, inform, or persuade the audience?
What, if anything, would you change about this advertisement to make it stickier?
Is there anything you would do to improve the ad overall?
Make sure to provide the URL link to the advertisement if online

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