Case Reports:
The goal of these case analyses is to understand how concepts in the textbook relate to real-world phenomena, as cases are based on real organizations and events.  There are few (if any) absolute “right” answers to the questions (although there are wrong answers!). If you are able to consider all of the facts in the case, account for your opinions, and justify your answer, you are probably moving toward an excellent analysis.

These are individual written assignments (1 page, Single-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins) to be typed, printed, and submitted on Blackboard when due, as noted on the schedule.  On Blackboard, you’ll note two documents.  The first pertains to the structural requirements of the assignment in terms of formatting, paragraph structure, and flow.  The second pertains to the requirements for content in terms of what type of information / discussion that is required for the assignment.  Please review these documents in detail. 

Grades will depend on both adherence to the structure as well as the content.  Please see the template document for details on how many points will be taken off from a structural point of view.  Content will be based on the subjective assessment of the instructor. 

Source of Information
Where to find the case study material?  Its located in your textbook at the back. I would recommend you stay within the confines of that information set…the case study…and not go outside to additional sources from the internet.  It’ll make your life easier and the objective is to provide a clean straight forward argument.  The more narrow you focus, the easier it will be to communicate all I require within the constrained page limit.

NOTE: While I want you to use the case study as the core set of your information, please realize that for certain figures, you might have to do a quick google search and keep track of those sources; such as the sales of the industry, firm and competitors for market share information.  But, the core of the information is the case study material.