Theories in Social Work

This assignment should result in a well-written, well-organized paper that clearly addresses each of the key requirements of the assignments.  The paper must follow APA 7th edition formatting guidelines.


Length – refer to specifics guidelines below.
Use a minimum of three different academic sources.
Include a title and reference page, NO abstract.
Citations (Papers missing references will not earn full credit.)

Objective: You are required to write a research-supported academic paper describing each of the three theories/frameworks that guided each of the three activities.

Your paper MUST INCLUDE the following sections and USE subheaders:

Introduction (this is your subheader)
Here you will include a brief (no more than 1 paragraph) introduction which describes your placement
Theory 1: [insert theory name] (subheader, repeat for Theory 2 & 3)
Begin with a BRIEF (1 paragraph) explanation of each activity to provide context.
In EACH of the three theory sections you will address the following in this exact order:
explore basic tenets and strengths of each theory;
state limitations if applicable to your activity; and,
by using examples related to your selected activity, how the theory informed and guided practice.
On point 3, you must be detailed and specific in your theory analysis.
To produce work at the graduate level and as indicated during the review of your portfolio planning worksheets, your paper must include multiple robust sources (at least 6). You should not cite one text extensively.
Conclusion (subheader)
The paper will conclude with a brief (1 paragraph) conclusion.

The theories that  I have picked are Family Life Cycle theory,
Conflict theory, and system theory