the most dangerous game

must be 12-font, double-spaced
includes a brief INTRODUCTION paragraph with a THESIS statement.
be at least one and one-half pages, double-spaced, or approx. 500 words
the analysis should include an analysis of setting and atmosphere, symbols,  and irony; consider organizing by making each the topic of a body paragraph (see outline below)
the analysis should connect to the theme of the story
the analysis should include 3 quotes from the story
includes a CONCLUSION

I. Introduction

State who wrote the story and when it was published
Briefly discuss the setting and plot
Thesis statement: Connell uses the setting and atmosphere to symbolically convey the themes of [insert themes here] and to point out the irony of violence in a civilized society.

II. Setting  and atmosphere

Discuss the significance of the settings and the mood that the settings create; there are two main settings –  the boat and the island including Zaroff’s mansion
Use a quote to support
III. Symbols

Discuss various symbols in the story and how those symbols support the theme(s)
Use a quote to support
IV. Irony

Discuss examples of irony in the story
Use a quote to support
V. Conclusion

Explain the significance of the story: what does the story say about humanity that is still relevant today?
You may also include your response to the story and you may use first person (I thought the story was…)