The history of comic books

This paper requires a thesis and although I dont have a perfect thesis I do have links and the topics for the three body paragraphs. I also need a good hook. And if its possible can you make the paper sound like a 9th grader?

The first topic for the first body paragraph is the first comic book and the debut of Superman and other superheroes

The second topic for the second body paragraph is what comics were still being produced during WWll and how it was hard to produce comics at the time.

The third body paragraph is about how people reacted to comic books at that time, if it was good or bad. I really didnt have a set idea for the last body paragraph or somewhat of a source so if you can come up with one it will be much appreciated.

This paper should be written in MLA format and the teacher said we should use google docs mla format.

It Ill be great if I can go in and edit because I have to add my teachers name and my name and the hour and everything.

Here are the sources I would like you to use, if it is not enough you can add more 

Thank you so much!

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