The city that captured the sun (Mexicali) country is Mexicali, the capital of Baja California.
2.its located between California and Mexico
3. Mexicali lies on the U.S Mexico border opposite Calexico California.
4.Mexicalis climate is low because of its low annual precipitation. Weather in Mexicali is extremely hot , hot summers. Mild to warm winters but keeps desert like temperatures every year on.
5.some natural resources found wheat,vegetables,alfalfa,cotton,sorghum. Crops as well as fruits Mexicalis abundant resources are fuel followed by hydro,natural gas,coal etc they are required to import as work and paid to do so.
6.the population of Mexicali is 1,033 million and counting. The people of Mexicali rent or build their own homes. Most of the people who stay and continue to live in Mexicali where born or arent able to leave due to being an American citizen. The population is grande and has continued to grow. They dont move often but the ones that do move often move to Mexico.
7.culture is a Latino and or Hispanic. The orange cathedral of our lady of Guadalupe dates from 1940. The house of culture holds performances and art shows ima former schools. Mueso sol de nio has interactive displays on science and technology southwest. Crop and flea market type of jobs. The people of Mexicali Virgen De Guadalupe. As the people of Mexicali is diverse so are the language beside Spanish there are 68 linguistic groups and over 350 indigenous languages spoken.
8. Today in Mexico is predominantly Roman Catholic religion introduced by Spaniards during the conquest.
9.Mexican society is mostly divided educational level and income. Middle class has struggled and expanded into cities. The urban and rural poor who constitute the vast majority of the population.
10. They use agriculture it is very important to the economy. Mexicali is a socialism country. Money in Mexicali is know as Mexican pesos to buy and provide.
11.political system is a congressional system republicans and democrats  democracy country controlled by government and criminal groups ( cartels ).