Technology Roadmap (Diagram plus max 2k words)

Students are required to draw a visual diagram and write a description of a roadmap
for a technology, product or service of their choice relating to their own
engineering/scientific/technical domain. Assessment criteria are detailed in Appendix
1. The roadmap should:
1. Explain the rationale and need for the technology, product or service in the
context of wider economic, technological, environmental and/or social trends.
2. Describe the proposed technology, product or service in detail and a critique of
its associated strengths and weaknesses.
3. Outline the underpinning science and technology research that is necessary to
deliver the technology/product/service.
4. Identify the business model/plan that connects the technology, product or
service to the market and how this will generate revenue.
5. Identify important performance goals and development milestones over time. A
coordinated path to market should be clearly outlined, linking the steps of
underpinning science and R&D, product/service development and market

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