Team at Work

You will write a short report (4-6 pages) on a real-life team that is generally functioning well. This can be any team, but Id prefer if you find a team in a professional work situation. You will interview at least two members of the team, and hopefully be able to observe/shadow something like a team meeting or aspect of their teamwork. Ultimately, your report should describe that teams process using course concepts throughout. While you should include a variety of topics (team formation, team development, how conflicts were/are handled, team cohesiveness, group norms communication, and the structure around the team), your paper should focus on one or two aspects that are most relevant for that team. For example, perhaps there was an early conflict that helped shape team dynamics, or the team set up a particularly effective way to communicate electronically. You will also give an informal in-class presentation and participate in discussions on your project.

Text book to look up concepts from:     Levi, Daniel (2014).  Group Dynamics for Teams, 5th Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
    Behson, Scott, & Bear, Stephen (2018).  We Hate Team Projects!  A Friendly, Useful Guide for College Student Teams. Hayden-McNeil/Macmillan, ISBN 978-1-5339-0933-6

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