Stress and Self care

Essay Topic:  Integrating the ideas from the reference sources on stress and self-care below.  Identify your relationship with stress and develop a personal self-care plan that includes key strategies you will implement to support your own well-being.

Answer the question completely: Make sure to both identify your relationship with stress and to map out a plan to manage that stress. Avoid merely summarizing the sources, and instead integrate
information from the different sources to answer the question.

    Audience: Write for a reader who may not know about this topic and who has not read the sources you have used

Support: Use evidence from provided resources to support your thesis, including 
1)The Stress Reset film
(  )

2) The Walker & Mann (2016) article on Mindfulness (PDF IN FILES)

3) the Markle (2020) article on supporting your mental health. 
( )

Thesis statement: Develop a thesis statement that proposes a plan for managing your personal stress at this time.