There have been protests in several cities by claimsmakers demanding a re-opening of state( Using the class concepts, , identify whether these are outsider or insider claimsmakers and what the central claims are (grounds, warrants, conclusions). Are messages from government officials (at the state and federal levels) at odds with their claims or aligned with them? Would you classify this as a social movement or countermovement? Why? Who are the claimsmakers and what are the claims from the other side?
Outsider claimsmaker: those who lack access to publicity and people with power
Insider claimsmaker:those who have easy access to publicity and people in positions of power.
Grounds: information and evidence about the troubling condition
Conclusions:Recommended changes, new policies to address the problem.
Warrants:Justifications, appeals to values, reasons why something 
must be done about troubling condition.

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