Social Responsibility of Business

Part 1. Final Paper Outline
Please read the final paper prompt and the articles for the final paper called Two Views of Social Responsibility in module 16. The outline is simply writing a couple sentences addressing each part of the format, providing as idea of what your paper will be about.

Part 2. write a critical paper on one of the 2 articles provided on Canvas.
(You may write on another article of your choosing only if you get permission from me in advance.)

The paper should be 5-7 pages (double spaced).

The articles are:

Option 1. The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits (excerpt) by Milton Friedman in Two Views on the Social Responsibility of Business

Option 2. Rethinking the Social Responsibility of Business: Putting Customers Ahead of Investors (excerpt) by John Mackey in Two Views on the Social Responsibility of Business

(Note: Be careful when reading. There is ONE pdf file with BOTH readings.)


These two articles present opposing views on the role of social responsibility in business. You are to write about only one article. YOUR TASK IS TO WRITE ABOUT THE ARTICLE YOU DISAGREE WITH. You may use the other article for insight, inspiration, or citations to back up your own view.

Your paper needs to summarize the authors position and reconstruct their argument. Then you need to attack some part of that argument and make a case that it is flawed.
(Note: You must summarize the authors position before attacking it.)

Your paper should follow this schema:

1.    An introduction in which you very briefly summarize the position of the article and state (again briefly) what you think is problematic about it. Use this to give your reader a sense of where you are heading.
2.    A more detailed summary of the article highlighting its main thesis. (It is best to reference a quote from the text.)
3.    Articulate 2 reasons that the author provides to support that thesis. (Stating also how they support that thesis, i.e. connect the dots for your reader. Again it is best to reference a direct quote.)
4.    State some problem with one or both of those reasons.
5.    Show how these problems with the supporting reasons make the overall thesis problematic or unconvincing.

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