Review of Peer’s Paper

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In this assignment students are asked to offer a critique one of her/his fellow classmates papers.

The instructor will assign the paper you are to review.
The assignment is meant to allow students to learn about another topic, to appreciate her/his peers methods of formulating their essay, and to critically assess where it may be lacking.
You can use the grading rubric from Research Paper – Part 5: Final Draft and Submission, specifically the activity / competencies demonstrated column, as a partial guide to categories of evaluation.
You are not being asked to grade the paper, but only to give a formal written evaluation of it.
You are to write your Peer Paper Evaluation knowing that your instructor has already read the paper.
Systematically critique the essay based on this rubric.
Outline both the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.
Suggest changes that would, in your opinion, make the paper better.
Conclude with a statement of your overall impression of the paper.
There is no need to re-state the papers argument, but rather, your evaluation is to be primarily about describing the strengths and/or problems you see in the paper as it treats its topic. You are to evaluate the argument, how the papers thesis is developed, and the way the paper is put together.
Your evaluation is to be submitted to your instructor only, and is not to be shared with your classmate or anyone else. By ensuring that the evaluation remains private between you and your instructor, candour should be ensured. Your classmates paper will have been graded prior to you submitting your evaluation, and what you write has no bearing on your classmates grade.
Keep in mind that it is the paper that you are to objectively evaluate, and not the author, whose name may or may not be removed (it is their choice when they submit their paper) before you get the paper in any case. All of the insights and opinions that you offer in your Peers Paper Evaluation are to exhibit the same high standards for objectivity as was required for essays
Finally, when scholars use the term critique or critical evaluation – what your Peers Paper Evaluation is to be – this does not mean that your evaluation is meant to be critical in the common pejorative sense of the word. What it means is that you need to use what you write to explore the findings and arguments of your fellow-students paper. As in the writing of your own essay, you will be asking the questions, is this true, is this proven, and what other things should be considered?
Your peer review should be 1,000 words (+/- 100 words) formally written following APA format. Do not count any reference citations you may use in your word count.

Grade Standard

Activity/Competencies Demonstrated

% of Final Grade


Critical Analysis (55%)

a. Insights into strengths and weaknesses of the essay


b. Appropriateness of comments (academic)


c. Completeness of aspects assessed



Communication (25%)

a. Uses language clearly and effectively


b. Essay assessment  organized intelligently and systematically


c. Proper introduction and conclusion to review



Attention to Detail (20%)

a. APA Referencing and formatting (title, headings & references)


b. Spelling and grammar




Assignment Value (10%)