Research Proposal

Before a formal report is written, the writer typically requests permission by means of a proposal. In the proposal, the writer outlines the purpose, audience, context, and plan for completing the report and seeks permission to proceed.

This assignment will not only prepare you to start writing the final report but also inform your instructor of areas that may need to be addressed in order to help you successfully complete the report.

In preparation for writing the proposal for your research report, read pages 15 – 20 in the Supplement. Download the Proposal Template found in this module and refer to Sample Proposal for help on how you can fill it out.


Write a proposal for your final report.
This document will define the need, identify the audience, state the questions to be answered, and outline the plan to complete the project. It will be written as a memo to me (Rachel Messenger).

The Subject line should start, Proposal to Write a Final Report on . . .

In your first paragraph (no heading), summarize in a sentence or two the purposes of your report. In other words, restate the subject line.
Need. State why you think this report is needed or necessary in your own words, and list the questions and sub-questions you will answer in your report.
Audience. Identify the primary audience. This should include your instructor, but you can also identify other audiences that would be interested in your report.
Outline. Provide the outline for the final report, so the instructor knows you are aware of what it should include. Refer to the Final Report Instructions in Module 13 and Report Template in Module 14.
Research Methods. Clearly indicate the methods (both primary and secondary) you will use to answer the questions listed with your purpose statement. How will you get answers to your questions? Whom will you interview?  Provide a draft of your interview questions. List three sources you have already found to use for your secondary research.
Time Line. List the date when you expect to finish each stage of writing your report. You might include the following activities in your list:
Gathering information
Analyzing information
Organizing information
Writing the draft
Revising the draft
Editing the draft
Proofreading the report
Call to action(no heading). In your final section, indicate that youd welcome any suggestions your instructor may have for improving the research plan. Ask your instructor to approve your proposal so that you can begin working on your report.
This proposal will be graded based on completion. If any of the sections are left blank, points will be removed accordingly. Here are the 10 components worth 10 points each I will be looking for:

1- Heading: To/From/Date/Subject

2- First paragraph

3- Need

4- Audience

5- Outline

6- Research Methods

7- Primary Research: Who you will interview and list of questions

8- Secondary Research: List of three sources

9- Time Line

10-Call to Action

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