Research Paper Peer Review

Discussions Task
For this discussion, you will peer review one student’s essay. You should choose an individual who does not already have a peer review first. This way, we can ensure everyone receives peer review.
Response Posts (due by Sunday): Choose one classmate’s essay to review. Do your best to choose a classmate who has not received a review yet. Review your partner’s draft by downloading his or her attachments and develop peer review responses. Evaluate your partner’s essay using the following questions. Then, post your responses to these questions to the discussion board. Your response should be about 250 words.
1. Is my thesis clear, is it easily noticeable or does it seem lost?

2. Does my evidence seem coherent or does it feel more like a ramble?

3.After reading the whole thing, do you think I need to add in a concise summary to give more insight into the film, or is there enough evidence and context clues for you to go off of?

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