Research and Discussion Questions

Research and Discussion Questions

**Select a company that you want to tell us about. It CAN be your own company.*

Do some research on your company and, in the answers that you provide below, be sure to reference some of the examples, terms, discussions weve covered in our course that apply to what youve found.  The more you can tie specific items from our lessons, chapters or discussions, the more credit you will receive.

This is not meant for quick answers. Do not answer in just one or two sentences. Give thought to your answers and provide as much detail as is needed to make your case.

The boxes will expand as you write, but dont worry about it going into additional pages. Just keep going until you feel that you have covered all that you want to include for the related question. I will be looking to see how well you tie what weve covered to your desired topic. Include any links or pictures that you feel are relevant.

    Once you are finished, review, check for grammar/spelling, and then submit this document to me in the  D2L MAJOR PROJECT folder.

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