1. Help me write an essay according to the questions in each article and what is the Point of View for each of the following stories so far (limited omniscient or objective or first person). On the article “Trespass” the question would be “What is the significance of the title” Trespass “?”

2. And the last page of the essay helps me write a summary like this:
    All three stories have a female protagonist who experiences some kind of abuse and violation, either at the hands of the community, the police, boys at school, or from a sexual predator.
    The stories take place in China many many years ago, in New York city in the 1970s, and in small-town USA in the 1960s.
      Some ideas for the discussion: How have things changed? How are they still the same? What if any of these cases went to trial? What happens next to Connie? How do / did these events affect the family of the girls / women? What would have happened if these women fought back? Use specific examples from the story.
        You don’t need to write about all three stories – you can write 2 or more posts about the same story or 2 or more posts about different stories.

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