radiology information systems

Week 6 Discussion: RIS-radiology information systems

Find an article less than 5-year-old or web site related to the topic of this discussion from a peer-reviewed journal OR professional publication OR professional web page.
Post a 100-400 word abstract of the article/web page.
Additionally, briefly address the following graded points:
Why this is important to know.
List conclusions and/or recommendations.
How the article/web page could be applied to your professional practice or how the article/web page related to the textbook reading or the additional topics in the module as listed each week.
An APA style formatted reference at end of the article as best as Canvas will allow you to format it. The citation must include a DOI number (preferred) or a full URL so the actual article or web site can be pulled up.
(Optional). A concrete example of implementation/use of this information for extra credit
Complete assigned Peer Reviews of abstracts assigned to you. Peer Review includes:
Completing the attached rubric

Also, a concrete example must be from your own experience.