Push and Pull Write Up

In this writing assignment you get to be creative, dig deep, and bring together a number of topics that we have been developing throughout the semester. As you recall, we began with what is essentially an organization chart that emphasizes the centrality of the customer, with the marketing mix sitting between the external marketing environment and the consumer. Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated how hard it is to know what the customer wants. A corollary to this is that we tend to misread the data. Consequently, we tend to make mistakes about what people want and what makes them happy. 

Hospitality marketers have frequently questioned whether or not a push or pull strategy works best, under what circumstances it would work best, and using which customer segments to achieve the best results. There appears to be general consensus in the industry that no single strategy will work exclusively, and as firms emerge from this pandemic, it is likely that business will not be as usual.  And that is where you come in What advice would you give TODAY? To whom? What is the balance, if any, between the two (push and pull strategies)?  As a soon-to-be recent graduatewhat do you recommend? What specifically would you do? Use your own examples and thoughts.

The length requirement for this assignment is 2 – 3 pages, single spaced, 12 point font.

Below is a standard basic definition followed by 2 articles to get you thinking. You are not expected to reference them or use them in any other way than to stimulate your thinking.

Definition from google: Push vs Pull Strategy
A push promotional strategy involves taking the product directly to the customer via whatever means, ensuring the customer is aware of your brand at the point of purchase. A pull strategy involves motivating customers to seek out your brand in an active process



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