Psychology Question

Read the prompt below and follow the directions to complete your writing assignment. Your written response must be at least 500 words and double-spaced. Include a word count at the end of your response. The word count should not include the heading of your assignment (your name, the date etc.)

Do not copy/paste from a website or Quote any websites, journals, or authors. For this class, do not include any quotations in your assignments. Everything you submit must be in your own words.


Watch the following video about using technologies to enhance the human body:

Technological progress has allowed us to help people who suffer from perceptual deficits. For example, deafness can be addressed in some people with the use of a cochlear implant. The implant transforms sounds into electrical impulses which get sent to the brain. Some blind people can be helped with the use of a bionic retina. The bionic retina allows light information to be sent to the visual cortex.

A bionic lens is currently under development. This lens could be used to give someone extremely good vision: up to three times better than 20/20 vision.

Imagine we are in the future, and there are many technologies that can be used to enhance our senses along with other physical characteristics.

In your written response, answer the following questions:

1) Should professional athletes be allowed to make use of a bionic lens? It would give them unusually good vision, which is an advantage in some sports.

2) Imagine there were technologies (e.g. implants) which could make us stronger or faster. Should professional athletes be allowed to make use of these technologies?

Requirements: 500 words