Professionalism Part 1 & 2

Part 1

Please read information above and watch video and list 6 main points or strategies that were new to you (6pts)

Professional Assessment

Please complete assessment and submit (5 pts)

Please type up what are two areas of growth for you professionally and what are two things you will do (ACTION ITEMS) to grow in each  area? (6pts)

Part 2

Please read information and watch video and list sic main points or strategies that are new to you (6pts)

DO:  Creating TRUST (10pts)

Interview someone you know that has worked in the for two years (list their info) or look up the answers on the internet and/or use your own personal experiences if you are teaching.

DO:  Professionalism and Social Media (6pts)

Answer questions about your work or pretend you work somewhere.  Please read the NAEYC article and use that as a guide to answer your questions.

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