Productivity and Quality Management

Operations Management concepts can be observed almost everywhere in our regular lives. The following assignment is focused on productivity and quality management concepts. The purpose is to recognize the Operations Management concept and its applicability in business.

Find two current articles/videos (within the last six months from todays date) that cover productivity and/or quality of operations in Business/Entrepreneurship/Hospitality/Management/Marketing/Finance & Accounting. Analyze the articles and construct your opinion discussing the importance of productivity vs. quality and include your recommendations. Make sure that you incorporate concepts and terminology discussed in class.

The assignment must contain the following:

Title page with your name, course, and date
Your interpretation of the article in relation to the topic – productivity vs quality
Proper grammar and punctuation
Reference(s) in the APA format at the end as the last page
Recommended assignment length approximately 4 pages, including the title and reference pages

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