Principles of organizational behavior

Guideline Questions:

The following questions serve as a guideline for your journal entries (they are not exhaustive, you can include more/other questions) :

Weekly entries (term 2; continuous entries each week!; start with week 9)
What are the most intriguing/controversial ideas, concepts, cases etc. I have learned about in this week and why? 
What was the most important take-away for me this week?
How can I relate the theories/content to my own experiences or to the course of my life?
What do the theories/content mean for my own (future) job or for my organization?
What do the theories/content mean for current politics/business scandals?
What would I have liked to learn more about?
What was my role in group assignments/exercises? How well did the group work turn out and why?
How can I relate the content of this week to other sessions or courses or to the literature (it is very much appreciated if you elaborate more and include scholarly literature if you are specifically interested in a topic covered in the course; always CITE your sources in-text AND at the end in the reference ist!)
End of course: include final reflection:
What are the 5 most important take-aways/learnings in this course and why (include term 1 and term 2) .
How satisfied I am with my own performance in the course?
Which questions arise?
What has not been answered?
What would I have liked to learn more about?

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