Final Exam Presentation Assignment

The final exam will be a presentation (i.e. Power Point, Prezi, PDF) you develop on a local, state, national, or international agency that serves to assist the welfare of children or focuses on the needs of children. Please follow the instructions below:

1)    Identify an agency or organization and conduct your own research on the agency through the agency website, articles, online data base(s), internet articles, etc., and develop a presentation.

2)    Your presentation must contain at least 10 slides or pages. You may use pictures. Do not submit more than 15 slides or pages.

3)    Submit your Power Point presentation to the Final Exam drop box in D2L. Submit the assignment by Wednesday, May 12, 12:00 p.m.(noon)

The drop box will be open from the first day of the course and you may submit a completed assignment at any time during the semester. However, if not submitted by the due date, points will be deducted for late submission.  If no assignment is submitted, a score of zero (0) will be recorded in the grade book. This will have a negative impact on your final grade for the course.

*You will not present this assignment in the classroom.

**The agency or organization must have a primary mission of helping to improve the lives of children.

Include the following in your presentation. 

History of how and when the organization was developed.
Key figures or persons.
Important legislation or laws that are significant to the organization if applicable.
The mission and/or purpose.
Any other important information or statistics about the agency. 

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