Please talk about Louise Bourgeois work

For the fourth assignment I would like each of you to write a 5 pg. informative research paper (double-spaced, Times New Roman font) on any artist of your choice. This paper must be FIVE PAGES OF TEXT. This does not include a works cited page, or title page, or pictures. The paper MUST be five pages of text. This means the body of your essay. This is a minimum requirement. You are probably asking yourself: Which artist do I choose to write about?

My only restrictions are that you pick an artist that we have studied or are going to study; so that we may stick to the content of the course. Informative means that you are making a point about something, taking a stand. For example: You could write about a certain style of the artist, in which he/she painted for 20 years.

Another example: You could write about a transitional period of the artist, in which his/her style changed. What attributed to that? Any historical factors? Work by other artists in which they were influenced. A certain “ism” at the time? You can choose to write about the artists work as an entirety or pick a certain style, using specific works to support your points. If an artist worked a lifetime, you can count on he/she working through several styles. Often an artists work looks completely different at the end of their life, versus what they did at the beginning of their career. Often, the decades of their lives will mirror different styles they worked through.

A brief bibliography would be fine. It doesn’t have to be fancy. MLA is fine. Please use at least 3 sources, two of them have to be from a book, the other can be online.

Just email me so that we can confirm the artist, and I can give you the thumbs up. This should be fun for you. Artists are very interesting people and usually their lives are very interesting as well.

Have fun with it!

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