Instructions: 9 page paper by using only provided resources and readings. Only use outside source for including a philosopher that was not included in our readings.(You may use the optional readings as well) . I am going to include all 8 weeks of readings in separate word documents with links to readings and answers to reading prep questions for each required reading.

Assignmentr: In an APA-style paper, state your position on the questions What is education? and What is the purpose of schooling? and support your position with philosophical, ideological, theoretical, and historical arguments. Your paper must reflect the processing of ideas in relation to the course texts and discussions, and it must include the following sections:

1.    Philosophy Statement: What is your philosophy of education and the purpose of schooling?
2.    Historical underpinnings: Explain how your philosophy of education may be rooted in your educational biography as part of your Cultural Identity Autobiography ?
    Philosophical arguments: Explain, using citations, which of the primary educational philosophies we discussed support your personal philosophy and how they may have shaped your view of education (at least three) and which one additional philosopher do you appreciate and why?
1.    How does your philosophy consider Character Education, Accommodations of religious or cultural differences, Standards in Education, and Inclusion of students with disabilities.
2.    Practical Application: What is the challenge in education today, including the technological challenges and opportunities, particularly following the COVID pandemic- How does your philosophy of education answer the need for education in the 21st century?
3.    Conclude your paper: wrap your points effectively

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