Persuasive Press Release

This fifth assignment is designed to have you learn about how to write persuasive press releases by doing research and by writing one related to a business announcement.

Press (news) releases announce important information to the media, whether traditional (television, radio, print) or digital (Internet websites, social media, etc.) and feature new products, staff, participation in community events and more (Guffey & Loewy, 2018,p. 366).


Guffey, M., & Loewy, D. (2018). Business communication: Process and product (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

1. Use Microsoft Word. Include a title page.  No other APA formatting of the paper is required (i.e. you can use single line spacing).  However, there is a  requirement to apply and cite at least two references, one from our textbook (developing persuasive press releases are covered on pages 366 – 369) and at least one additional relevant resource.  A couple of recommendations to assist you in developing your persuasive press release are as follows and/or you may discover your own helpful resources.
2. After you write your persuasive press release you will be asked to point out how you applied the advice from at least two resources thus it is in your best interest first to research how to write a persuasive press release before you write your own.

3. For this assignment, assume you are employed as The Director of Marketing Strategy for a large multinational Consumer Products Company (your choice of which company you choose).  What makes your press release a “persuasive” press release is the intent to have your message be communicated by the media/news. In your paper you will want to identify the message you want to convey, to whom you want to know your message, and what methods you will use to convince the media outlets you identify to air/communicate your information to their audience (usually The Public).  The lists on the websites above and in Chapter 10 will be of tremendous assistance as you transition your regular press release announcement into a compelling, persuasive press release.

4. Use the writing process which works best for you; only the final polished version of the persuasive press release should be present in your Week 5 Assignment paper.

5.  Using either paragraph format or bullet point format, review your persuasive press release identifying all of the recommendations you implemented (e.g “open with an attention-getting lead” (Guffey & Loewy, 2018, p. 366).

6.  Subsequent to your thorough proofreading, submit your completed Week 5 Assignment paper.

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