personal statement

this is not a personal statement is not like
An all-encompassing statement of the multifaceted, complex person that you are
A mandatory prompt for you to talk about the hardest thing you have ever been
A commitment to practicing a particular type of law
Information that is communicated by other parts of your application (i.e.
transcript, resume, diversity statement)
A since I was young, Ive always known I would be a lawyer because… story.

Please make it like this….

A story: tell the admissions officer who you are
What is a personal challenge you overcame?
What is a realization that you have had about yourself or the world?
What is your passion and how did you come to be passionate about it?
An argument: convince the admissions officer that they want you at their school
Law school is a specific commitment that you are ready to take
You have an idea of the type of lawyer you want to be
You know what you want out of a law school

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