Online Discussion Questions and Ideas Module 2

Online Discussion Questions and Ideas Module 2
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Physical, Psychological, and Pharmacological Effects of Substance Use

Feel free to continue taking a conversational but professional tone in your postings.  Remember the specification from the syllabus on these discussions.

We read about pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles and the chapters concerning alcohol and then non-alcohol sedative hypnotics. 

Let’s apply some of that reading to a case; you were given the case on this weeks readings page but here it is again:

Case Study: MIke Parker Full Eval.pdf download

Letter from Dr. Conley to Attorney Mike Parker.docx 

Let’s discuss the following questions and ideas about Mike’s case

How do you help Mike come to grips with the neurological consequences of  his use? 
What are three things you would not want to say to the client? (For example “how could you have done this to yourself?!)
What are two principles of good counseling that you would employ throughout the clinical interaction?  What EBP do you think would work?
Make 3 connections to the reading; challenge 2 assumptions; and provide 1 question for your colleagues and for your instructor to respond to.

Miller et al. (2019). Electronic Book. The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine (6th ed). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer
Section 2: Pharmacology
Chapter 8,9,10,11