Nursing Research


Here is a list of five peer-reviewed nursing research journal articles on nursing research that are available through the Regis Library. Choose one of them that is of interest to you to read.

  • Cody, S. E., Sullivan-Bolyai, S., & Reid-Ponte, P. (2018).. Critical Care Nurse, 38(3), 1626.
  • Cyphers, N. A., Clements, A. D., & Lindseth, G. (2017). . Western Journal of Nursing Research, 39(11), 14291446.
  • Joseph, L. (2013). . International Journal of Nursing Education, 5(1), 103106.
  • Scheidenhelm, S., & Reitz, O. E. (2017).. Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(3), 147153.
  • Woodall, M., & DeLetter, M. (2018). . Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 22(1), 6975.

Initial Post

Based on the research article you read, respond to the following prompts:

  • What, if any, was the theoretical framework that was used by article author(s)?
  • Describe the framework; was it from nursing or a borrowed theory?
  • Describe how the framework was used to inform the research study.
  • How much did the researchers write about it in the journal article? For example, was it weaved throughout the paper or mentioned only in the beginning?
  • In your opinion, what other nursing theory might have worked with this research study? Why?

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