nursing (past experience)

Did you know Nursing is ranked among the most trustworthy professions? Most nurses would say they entered the field of nursing to make a difference in peoples lives; to help people. One of the most difficult things I have found about being a new nurse is being present for my patients; slowing down and taking time with them; putting the tasks aside for a short time. You all have life experiences where you have found yourself busy with the task at hand and have had to coach yourself to slow down and be present in the moment.

Tell me, what in your life experiences do you feel will help you be able to achieve the goal of being present for your patients? It could be being a parent, caring for an elderly parent, a job experience, whatever it may be.
my answer: work as a CNA (nurse aid): care for old people.

What in your past experience has taught you to be present for another?
my answer: to use CNA’s working experience for the future.

write a discussion post based on my answer.  ~275-300 words.

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