This course considers the logistics of starting non-profit organizations (NPO). As if you were preparing to present this information to an interested donor, create the following:

1. Devise a business plan for a needed NPO within your community.

2. Analyze the needs of a population and defend why this NPO is needed to serve the population.

3. Create a mission statement and outline the activities of the proposed NPO.

4. Describe the legal structure of the NPO (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) and how, if necessary, you will incorporate.

5. Explain how you will integrate several different methods of planned giving and fundraising as well as if you would need to consult an accountant on any issues. Share one or two accountant names and credentials that are within your geographical area.

6. Share information about at least one similar existing NPO and utilize ideas from its programs, fundraising or administration.

7. Feel free to utilize ideas from the Hopkins textbook and other relevant governmental, financial and legal articles and scholarly works.

8. Describe how your organization will incorporate upholding the legal and ethical rights of clients with the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS) ethical standards, the American Counseling Association (ACA) ethical standards or some other relevant ethics code.

9. Your paper should be 11 pages in content length. In addition, include a title page, abstract, and references page.

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