Questions to address in your report:

Analyze your teams performance in the three rounds of ABC/Local negotiations using the following questions as a guideline:

What tactics did our group use in the negotiation in the three rounds? Did they work? Why?
How do we feel about our strategies and tactics? Would we change them if we could do the negotiation all over again? How could we have done better? Be specific with respect to all three rounds.
Which group controlled the negotiation? How? (The answer could be different for different rounds.)
Did our group read the other group accurately? Was the other group generally happy with the outcome for each round? Was our group satisfied with the outcomes?
How is this experience of negotiating in a group different from a dyadic negotiation?
What were some unexpected issues/challenges that you had to deal with in the three rounds?
Did you feel each previous round of negotiations affected the next round? How?
Do you feel specific personalities in your team, as well as the other team, affected the dynamic of your negotiation (positively as well as negatively)? How?
Were there things that the other team did that you felt were especially effective across the three rounds? Again, be specific about each round.

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