Need and Purpose Paper

An examination of the necessity and purpose of womens ministry will further equip you as a leader. This assignment will assist in your personal preparation to minister to women in contemporary culture through research and biblical support.

Write a 3-4 page paper covering the following points related to this topic:
Reference Book:  “Building A Effective Women’s Ministry” by Shawn Jaynes

Address the need and purpose for womens ministry.
1. Describe the need in detail, including cultural dimensions and the barriers to womens ministry in contemporary culture.
2. Explain the purpose for womens ministry:
3.0 Why is it important to focus on ministry to women?
4. What is the goal of such a ministry?

Explain using quotes from your sources AND biblical support.
Additionally, provide an example of women ministering to women in Scripture and/or Jesus ministering to women during His earthly ministry examining why this was both important and effective.

Support work reflects scholarly academic resources using APA format.