Natural & Man-Made Disasters

Applied Research Project: Disaster Case Analysis

Students should select a major U.S. disaster and prepare a written analysis.
Using library and internet sources, the analysis should include:

1. A brief introductory section describing the disaster and the emergency management effort.
2. The nature and location of the disaster (i.e., was it natural or technological/man-made).
3. The number of human casualties and amount of property loss.
4. The social and economic demographics and vulnerabilities in the area of the disaster.
5. The government(s) having jurisdictional responsibility and involvement in the disaster response and recovery effort.
6. Any unique risk factors and public safety planning challenges associated with the disaster.
7. The involvement of non-profit and for-profit actors in the response and recovery effort (if any/known).
8. The major planning and policy issues raised – i.e., lack of mitigation effort, inadequacy of preparedness, response failure, recovery problems; and
9. The disaster planning the community had undertaken prior to the incident (if any/known).
10. A concluding section assessing the response efforts of those involved and any recommended planning/response improvements to mitigate future similar events.

Format Directions:
– Typed – 10 page maximum.
– 12 pitch font.
– Double spaced.
– Paper must include both the introduction and conclusion sections denoted above.
– APA format (Cover Page, in text citations and reference page).

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