Modern Jazz essay on Cannonball Takes Charge

Choose an album by an individual exponent of Modern Jazz that was recorded 1949-1965, and write an essay of no more than four pages. Your essay should have a clear thesis (stated in the opening paragraph) and discuss:
the basic musical reality (who, what, when) of the album
the effect of the music, and how it might be achieved To support your arguments, take into account and provide context in terms of both the immediate musical and social world surrounding this album. Also consider the work within the larger arc of development in the art form of jazz, including connections with earlier forms.
Do not use wikipedia as a source. No plagiarism. Font size should be 12. Font style is Times New Roman.
Listen to the album and include musical observations.

My chosen album is below: 
Cannonball Takes Charge by Cannonball Adderley
1959 Rivderside Records
Recorded April 12 & May 12, 1959 in NYC
Here is a link to some info :

Thank you so so much for your help!!

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